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The fancies that take their monstrous birth from the spinelessness and boredom of usurped wealth bring in their wake every defect ... and though rich men's crimes escape the law, protected as they are by the cowardice of governments and people, Nature, more real than society, sets her anarchic example by abandoning the wretched time servers of Capital to the shame and madness of the worst aberrations.
By: shekhar # 1
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Of all sexual aberrations, perhaps the most peculiar is chastity.
By: Neha Dhupia # 11
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When people put their ballots in the boxes, they are, by that act, inoculated against the feeling that the government is not theirs. They then accept, in some measure, that its errors are their errors, its aberrations their aberrations, that any revolt will be against them. It's a remarkably shrewd and rather conservative arrangement when one thinks of it.
By: Adline Systems # 30
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Of all the sexual aberrations, perhaps the most peculiar is chastity.
By: Amit Kher # 24
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In our wildest aberrations we dream of an equilibrium we have left behind and which we naively expect to find at the end of our errors. Childish presumption which justifies the fact that child-nations, inheriting our follies, are now directing our history.
By: Aksh Dhiman # 2
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Of all the sexual aberrations, chastity is the strangest
By: Vaibhav Dhiman # 41
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